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Mini Plus … Staircases for small spaces!

Mini Plus is the mini stair or stair ladder created by MisterStep in order to connect any type of environment even in very small spaces, such as Tiny Homes where it would be impossible to install a normal open staircase.

What makes the Mini Plus indispensable is that it is truly space-saving. With the Mini Plus it is possible to fill a space of 2.90 meters with a floor space of 1.5 meters, all without giving up comfort, with quality materials and a very low price.

Staggered steps for a greater bearing surface is one of the technical details that gives it much of its functional value compared to other popular mini stairs.

You can also make this space-saving ladder even more comfortable by installing a landing which provides a greater bearing surface and allows you to create L- and U-shaped configurations, increasing the set-up possibilities to meet architectural needs.

The structure is composed of steel modules, adjustable when it comes to elevation, to allow adapting Mini to every situation, making it perfect as a mini ladder for mezzanines. The railing is made up of vertical columns in painted metal and anchored to the steps with special joints and to the handrail with swivel tops.

The need to adapt to small spaces does not necessarily mean having to give up the possibility to customize your staircase. Mini Plus offers numerous finishes for wood ranging from transparent, in which the wood is at the forefront, and lacquered. The same can be said for the colors of the structure that always match the railing, all at low prices.

Mini Plus + 1 Kit +2 Kit +3 Kit
 11 steps  1 extra step  2 extra steps  3 extra steps
 total height:
94.4" - 113.3"
 total height:
 total height:
 total height:

mini plus
mini plus compact stair or mini stair ladder