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Gamia Metal Spiral...practical and sturdy!

The Gamia Metal Spiral Stair System by MisterStep was designed with installation problems in mind. The result is a spiral stair system that will accomoddate different diameters, with railings always according to code, and with a rise adjustment system that assures a perfect adjustment to any height in any project. Thanks to this new system and to practical, easy assembly instructions, the installation is a snap.

The distinctive feature of the Gamia Metal system is the unique design of the railings. The vertical spindles are connected with the flexible handrail in such a way as to assure absolute structural rigidity.

A perfect combination of solidity and elegance. The universal landing adapts to any type of opening!

For the spiral staircases Gamia Metal the minimum opening should be 2" larger than the diameter of the staircase.

Basic model = 11 + 1 steps universal landing + rubber mattings + railing with ergonomic moplen handrail ... but you can personalize your staircase thanks to the accessories!

  • Extra step kit
  • Baluster kit

The universal landing adapts to any type of opening!

round opening

square opening

no opening
Round opening Square opening No opening
Gamia Metal Spira Stair Kit
Closeup of tread of Gamia Metal Spiral Stair

Gamia Metal:

  • Diameters: 47.5"- 55.5"- 63"
  • Steps: of stamped plate, with rubber matting; step angle 30°, universal landing angle 60°
  • Risers: standard min. 8¼" - max. 9"; for risers 7 7/8" - 8¼"; 9" - 9½"; it is possible to cut the balusters during the assembly.
  • Railing: with metal tubing balusters (7/8")(clear space among the balusters < 4"); flexible plastic looped handrail (handrail height 39 3/8")
  • Finishes and Colours: metal: durable powder coat (steps - white Ral 7035; balusters - embossed black); plastic components, rubber matting and screws: black. The minimum size of the opening is recommended + 2" with respect to the diameter of the staircase.
  • The Gamia Metal has 2 colour options*white/black or silver/black rubber mattings Ballustrade kit: (wood/moplen handrail)