A Step Up in Stair Design, Quality & Ease Of Installation

Mezzanine Access Ladders

Easy secure access to loft and mezzanine spaces.

Rigid structure loft staircase with .06" thick profile structure,  with stairs made out of .05" sheet metal,  includes two side handrails for top landing, mounting plate, wheels with brakes and black rubber feet with double-sided stickers.
Technical features: width of the staircase, external handrails approximately 17.5",  foot space of the stair approx. 2.75" .
The Elegant Version offers wooden steps in a medium beech colour.


Motorized AutoAttic Vip® Wall Ladder Standard Version: Multilayered magnetic panel mm16, right handrail, nuts and bolts, lithium battery backup, power supply 110/220V, remote including battery, Certified UNI EN 14975:2010