Universal Maxi Stair Kit

Universal Maxi Stairs...the staircase with all solutions for taking you higher!

Adjustable rise and run can be adapted to any kind of environment.

It also offers the advantages of the choice of the landing: flush with the floor or below floor!

The solid beech steps and handrail mix and match and are painted in non-toxic water varnish.

Basic model = 12 steps complete with internal handrail... but you can personalise your staircase thanks to the accessories!

  • Extra step kit
  • Baluster kit
  • External railing kit
  • External winder railing kit

Universal Maxi L & U (75-94)
"L" or "U" shaped configurations
basic model: 12 steps + internal railing
staircase width: 29.5" / 37"
12 steps = 13 risers (if landing step below floor)
12 steps = 12 risers (if landing flush with floor)
step thickness: 1.5"
adjustable rise = 6.9" - 9.4"
adjustable run Universal Maxi 75 (29.5" width) = 7" - 8.5"
adjustable run Universal Maxi 94 (37" width) = 8.5" - 10"
total height min/max = 83" / 120.6" (if below floor landing)
colour of steel: silver grey
colour of wood: natural (non-toxic water varnish)

Universal Maxi L Kit + 1 Step Kit + 2 Step Kit + 3 Step Kit
12 steps 1 extra step 2 extra steps 3 extra steps
total height:
total height:
total height:
total height:

Select from the following stair configurations: Note: all combinations may also be installed counter-clockwise.

L shape stair layoutU shape stair layout

Universal Maxi Stair Kit

Universal Maxi L (75-94)

The staircase with all the right solutions for taking you higher, adjustable going and rises. The handrail and steps are in beech

Universal Maxi Stair Kit

Universal Maxi U (75-94)

Endless solutions for an attractive
interior design.
Choose from a flush with floor
or below floor landing.