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Welcome to StairsPlus

StairsPlus supplies modular winding and spiral stairs in kit form, available in stock. Each stair kit features a unique, innovative modular system that offers ideal solutions for all needs, from the professional contractor to the experienced "do it yourselfer".

The climbing solutions offered by StairsPlus are a perfect fit for any residential application, thanks to the detailed design, outstanding looks, and superior finish of each staircase. Our strengths: quick delivery, high quality finishing, quick and easy assembly, always easy to fit, all with an excellent quality to price ratio.

The development of these stair models comes from 30 years of experience in the art of designing and building high quality interior stairs, but with StairsPlus, your stairs are packed into one single box, ready to be delivered; easy to customize and adapt during installation. In this way the stair business is available to everybody with potential customers, not only to the specialized stair builders.

With our innovative kit system, it is now possible to stock and sell our new winding and spiral stairs. They are always adaptable to a wide variety of different configurations. Hardware and lumber outlets, professional builders, architects, and interior designers can now offer these beautiful and affordable straight, winding, and spiral stair solutions in a variety of clean, modern designs.

StairsPlus represents a great opportunity to enlarge your product range with a new line of complementary kit staircases. If you already build or sell stairs, this is an opportunity to increase your product range by adding our stairs to the products that you laready offer. Even if you're not a stair expert, you'll recognize that StairsPlus represents a new dimension in the stair business!